VIAGRA reviews

Opinion: the Drug Pfizer Viagra - the perfect remedy

  • Today we will talk about all the well-known drug "Viagra" . A wonderful remedy for people disappointed in the fact that have problems with intimacy. The effect of the drug lasts for quite a long period of time ( erection gorgeous). As fast viagra acetaet to exert its effects on the body. But I want to warn you do not exceed the dosage, and you will then not posovetuesh ( a direct road to the men in white Halachah). Another advantage of viagra it really helps people with heart defects as if it sounds funny( but before using consult your doctor). Love and be loved not limiting themselves to pleasures
  • Pills Levitra or gel Sildenafil?
    In recent years, great success with the male part of the population use tablets levitra and the drugs sildenafil and Cialis. This is because the problem of erectile dysfunction is observed in large parts of modern men. Cause – erratic power, constant stress, physical stress, poor environment, etc. to Deal with such sexual disorder is difficult, because you have to consider the specifics of lifestyle, psychological factors and so on.
  • How to make sex enjoyable Viagra?
    Doctors distinguish different reasons for sexual disorders. Organic factors are associated with chronic diseases, injuries of the penis, exposure to chemicals. Psychosocial factors refer to the more subtle realms of interpersonal relationships, human fears and complexes.
  • My son has a heart problem. After surgery he was discharged in a tiny dosage of viagra. Funny to say, but thanks to this medicine the child has a normal heart rate and shortness of breath disappeared. Occurred and side effect-she's really sped up the baby's metabolism. In the end, we knew neither what a distended tummy of the baby, or what is colic. Our cardiologist advised us when sudden failure of the heart to make then 0.2 cube dissolved in water half pills and everything will work out. Tried the same and by appointment)) will Not say that was particularly noticeable effect, just the sexual act lasted for 10 min longer. Mind the high price of the drug is about 70 dollars, which not everyone can afford. Pleased with the presence of tablets with different dosage, it is very convenient.