How does it work?

The active ingredient, as has become clear, is sildenafil citrate. Like most drugs, this should be made ahead of time - 50-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Maximum dosage is 100 mg of active ingredient, the minimum 25%.

Of course, the drug does not in itself cause an erection to happen sexual stimulation. His action involves the release of nitric oxide, which occurs at stimulation of a sexual nature.

It is recommended to take remedy 1 a day, one dose is enough for 2-2.5 hours of activity.

When should I refrain from receiving?

It should be remembered that sildenafil citrate is primarily a drug to take which in some cases is not recommended. To give priority to health, not an erection if you are:
if you are hypersensitive not only the active ingredient and auxiliary substances (in this case you should choose a product with a different composition;
while taking donators of nitric oxide, nitrates, including organic;
in severe lesions of the liver;
critically low or high blood pressure;
at the age of 18 years (children, early adolescents who have reached puberty these tools to anything);
it is not recommended to take several medication such actions...

And Yes, this tool is not suitable for women (and asks the phrase about viagra for women "jewellery around the corner"))).

Men over 65 years of age are not experts do not advise to take a dose above 25 mg one-time.

There are also a number of conditions when you need to lower the dosage (see more details in the instructions to the drug).

Previously had no idea that in his "over 30" may occur any problems with sex :(. The last three months so the General theme of sexual relations went down the ramp without perspective. Naturally the desire to eat some more. Any cute girl not passed unnoticed. But "boyfriend pants" sums. The topic of premature ejaculation got. The sexual act lasts for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Wife and friends to bring was very, very nice :oops:. Only it all began and has already ended. Wife Horny and I have some emotions. Tired really to refer to fatigue at work and other troubles. Began to avoid meetings with friends. Read about a miracle pill, as Viagra and decided to try it. I think experience is the first friend will delight in the evening. Bought Viagra in a pharmacy from Pfizer. In the instructions the recommended dose of 50 mg. and received the tablet in half. Only here smooth half failed. Went 60 to 40 :? . Took on an empty stomach one hour before your expected contact great mate. How to write some can be dissolved under the tongue. I would say something such advisers. The tablet is very bitter and very long will keep in the mouth. Had to drink some water. 40 minutes later no change in my pants, but I feel that the ears burn and turn red. Eh, started. In the reflection of the particular redness is not seen, perhaps slightly, but felt real. After 20 minutes laid the left nostril. Gradually moved to action. Lovemaking and kissing, as the saying goes all the way through. Friend is willing, I have an erection the most common, that is, as before. Damn it, I hoped, would stand stake. And all after fifteen minutes I finished. Friend didn't even say anything, shrugged his shoulders and just turned around and sleep. Upset specific. Yes, and I was disappointed in this miracle. Finished the remaining part. Went to bed. Two hours later, woke up, out of nowhere, appeared an erection, but weak. To start to caress his girlfriend sleeping. Erection is a little stronger but still not as young 20-years old. Again moved to action, but the sad story repeated again :x. Yeah, what can I say :x ... Now in the morning dryness in the eyes and not pleasant headache in the forehead, as if I drank vodka yesterday. Not strong, obtuse. Perhaps Viagra is not for me. Due to certain physiological features. Now I will order Your kit. Hope it will help.